Business Consulting

Business Consulting

Our experts provide management consulting to help companies overcome challenges and improve
their performance and efficiency.

MBE business experts analyse clients’ businesses and create solutions that increase revenue and growth, helping them achieve their business objectives.

Agile Transformation and Delivery

Our experts assist clients to transform and thrive in a flexible and fast changing environment.
We assess and help companies to have the right leadership, governance and organisational mindset
that embrace a culture of self-organisation and collaboration, in order to benefit and achieve efficient
agility, greater customer expectation and faster service delivery.

+ Digital Transformation
+ Lean start-up
+ Design Thinking
+ Innovation strategy
+ Ambidextrous strategic analysis and development
+ Innovation in the public sector and NPO

Business Performance Improvement

Our experts use various methodologies to identify and analyse existing business processes to
optimise performance and improve accuracy and efficiency. Our business performance improvement
services includes:

+ Business Process Solutions
+ Operations Excellence and Resilience
+ Performance Management
+ Supply Chain Management
+ Financial Management
+ Fixed Asset Management

Our business performance improvement experts assist clients to:

+ reduce the time to complete process.
+ eliminate waste and bottlenecks in the process.
+ Improve quality of the products and/or services
+ ensure better compliance with rules and regulations
+ improve customer satisfaction and experience.
+ meet customer demands and business goals objectives.

People and Talent Management

We assist clients to get the most from their employees in the current business environment
surrounded with continuous and disruptive changes that transforms how business and people
Our deep knowledge working across various industries in different regions on people development
and talent management initiatives assist clients in creating a high-performance culture, understanding
workforce futures and to identify and manage human capital risks.

+ Human Capital Policies and Procedures Design
+ Leadership and Management Development
+ Human Capital Audits
+ Talent Management
+ Competency Framework
+ Performance Management
+ Remuneration Policies and Strategy Design 
+ Training Needs Analysis
+ Career Development Planning
+ Succession Planning
+ Training & Coaching

Project and Programme Management

Project and programme management services provide expert opinion, assist and collaborate with our
clients to ensure project delivery is effective, cost-efficient, reliable and innovative.
Our experts use extensive industry experience with best practice project management processes,
techniques and tools to achieve rapid improvements in delivery performance.

+ Corporate Project Office Setup and Management
+ Project Management Strategy Development
+ Project Management Mentoring Service
+ Project Management Process Design
+ Project Audit Services
+ Project Support Services
+ Programme and Portfolio Management
+ Programme Development and Analysis
+ Contract and Performance Analysis
+ Change Control
+ Forensic and Delay Analysis
+ Shutdown Pre-planning and Execution.

Strategy and Markets

Our strategy experts use best practice methodologies, rigorous data analysis, market insights and a
pragmatic assessment of clients’ capabilities to seize the opportunity in complex and uncertain
We help clients to realise growth-related commercial strategies designed to achieve company goals
with specific attention to pragmatic delivery in the evolving business environment.

+ Strategy Development and Implementation Tactics
+ Strategic Thinking and Practice
+ International Business Advisory
+ Strategy in changing Markets
+ Productivity and Competitiveness
+ Business and Corporate Sustainability
+ Change Management and Strategic Renewal
+ Managing Crises Advisory
+ Destination and Scenario Planning