Enterprise Data Management and Analytics

Enterprise Data Management and Analytics

Organisations deal with ever-increasing influx of data that is subsequently shared and stored in their systems. If managed properly, data can be adopted, incorporated, retrieved and safely managed for both internal processes and applications, as well as external consumption. This creates confidence and trust in data assets, thus resulting in exceptional business value. However, if data is not properly managed organisations are likely to experience a considerable risk that will impede achieving business objectives.

Our experts provide a robust advisory service in data architecture, data governance, data privacy and security, data quality, data retention and archiving. We assist clients to have a set of processes and practices focusing in data accuracy, quality, security, availability, and good governance.

Data Analytics

Data analytics is the practice of inspecting, cleaning, transforming and modelling data to drive long term business strategy, manage risks and enhance business processes and performance.

Competition, economic pressures, digitization and regulations presents a complex environment for business. Our experts offer deep knowledge and advanced analytics to assist organisations by applying analytics technologies, tools, techniques to analyse large volumes of data to detect fraudulent transactions, identify anomalies, patterns and exceptions, improve productivity and increase operational efficiency.

We transform data to gain strategic insights by evaluating what happened in the past covering all transactions, and embark on a forward-looking approach to perform scenario planning and predictive modelling. Our experts assist clients with the following services:

+ Data Collection, Consolidation and Cleaning.

+ Analytical Reviews: Predictive, Descriptive and Prescriptive analytics.

+ Create Visual Dash-Boarding

+ Audit Analytics and Tools