Cyber and IT Advisory

Cyber and IT Advisory

Our Information Technology (IT) experts provides robust independent assurance and advisory support to our clients by identifying IT risks, evaluate controls and develop measures to mitigate identified risks.

Our multidisciplinary team of IT professionals evaluate our clients’ IT strategies, infrastructure, applications, policies and standards, and support them to understand and keep up with rapidly changing technology environment. Our IT experts can assist with the following services:

Cyber Advisory

+ Cyber Risk Assessments

+  Cybersecurity Risks and Vulnerabilities Identification

+  Cybersecurity and Information Governance 

+  Cybersecurity Strategy, Policy and Program Design

+  Cyber Detection and Defence 

+  Cyber Threat Intelligence and Incidence Response

+  Cyber Event Recovery plan

+  Protection of Critical Infrastructure Assets

IT Assurance

+ IT General and Application controls review

+ Database Reviews

+ Internet and Firewall Testing

+ IT Disaster Recovery and Business Continuity Reviews

+ Pre and Post System Implementation Reviews

+ Operating System Security Review

+ Privacy Audits (POPI, PAIA & GDPR)

+ IT Governance (King IV, COBIT) Audits

+ Sarbanes-Oxley Controls Testing

IT Advisory

+ Digital Strategy

+ IT Governance Implementation

+ IT Policy and procedures Development

+ IT Due Diligence

+ ICT Governance and Security Assessment

+ Social Media Risk Assessments

+ IT Project Management and Change Management

+ Emerging Technologies, Digital Transformation and Innovation